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8 Ways to Build Trust in the Workplace

Have you ever considered what drives trust in your workplace?  According to the Jacobs Model, there are 8 intrinsic drivers that contribute to ones sense of trust; drivers—that when satisfied—lead to boosted well-being and improved performance.  With this in mind, reflect on your approach and how possibly integrating the Jacobs Model in your workplace can help to develop a positive outcome!

A few of our favorites include the following:

Belong & connect:  Inclusion is key!  How are you ensuring that everyone in the company feels connected to their team? Consider implementing team-building activities such as group birthday celebrations, thematic-dress days and honoring “work anniversaries” as a way to build community among your team!

Purpose:  Does your team have a sense of “purpose” within the greater organization?  Consider adopting a quarterly “outcome management” discussion, encouraging one-on-one dialogue with the coworkers on your team to ensure goals and objectives are clearly outlined.

Voice & recognition:  What steps have you taken to ensure that your team is recognized for a job well-done?  According the the Jacobs Model, “People should be encouraged to put their views and ideas across in the workplace so they feel that their contributions are recognized and appreciated.”  Recognition is closely tied to engagement and empowerment, which, when optimized, boosts performance.

Source:  UNUM