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Workplace Engagement: How Growth, Recognition and Trust Can Drive Your Team

Reflecting on your career, what common qualities are shared amongst the best leaders?  Were they supportive of your professional growth?  Were they quick to thank and recognize your achievements?  Were they trustworthy?  According to a recent analysis by author Kevin Kruse, great leaders with engaged teams are those that successfully achieve, balance and champion those respective qualities, while driving growth, recognition and trust.

While these broad concepts may seem easy enough to execute, the following infographic provides specific examples of how to action these concepts with your team!  The following includes a few of our favorites:

Drive Growth and Development.  Consider holding 1:1 meetings with your direct reports—not only are these meetings a great way open dialogue but, when calendared regularly, they provide opportunities for goal accountability.

Drive Recognition and Appreciation.  Many managers strive to strike that unique balance between over and under appreciation.  If your company conducts weekly meetings, that might be a perfect time to publicly salute the efforts of your deserving team members.  Additionally, don’t discount the power of a handwritten gesture of appreciation—in our digital age, cards are a lost art and greatly appreciated.

Drive Trust and Confidence.  Transparency can mean a lot.  Sharing bad news and good news, as you see fit, can be a great way to show your team the big picture, while building trust and rapport.  The result can mean others taking more accountability, with seeing exactly how they fit into the bigger picture.

How do these tips factor into your leadership strategy?  Which are working best for you?  Share and weigh-in

Source:  Kevin Kruse