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Why Engagement Surveys Are So Important at Roth Staffing

If you’re a business Customer or an Ambassador of one of the Roth Staffing Companies, this week you are receiving one of the most sacred, important, valuable, super special items ever created at our organization …WHAT? What could it be?


It’s our Engagement Survey.


All that hype in the first sentence is not hyperbole – we really mean it.  It means everything to us.  You’ll notice it is not called a Satisfaction Survey or a Customer Service Survey, it’s our Engagement Survey.  Our company Purpose is “To make life better for the people we serve.”®  We want to impact lives.  In order to do that, we have to develop trust and loyalty.  We have to create experiences that you LOVE.  Our Engagement Surveys help us learn what kind of relationship we’ve built.


You’ll never see us publicize the results of our surveys or boast about a particular rating.  The results mean something much more than a marketing opportunity.  In fact, if you take one of our surveys, you’ll probably notice that it’s not designed to try and get the highest score. Our goal is to shed light on the areas where we can continue to get better.


When the surveys close and all the data is collected, it’s like Christmas morning for our branch offices.  We have an internal Customer Experience department that analyzes the results and then reveals exciting opportunities.  We genuinely want to be the very best at what we do, but the only way to remain the preeminent staffing services company is to have hard data that points the way.  The survey results show us what we’re doing well, but more importantly, they reveal the one or two areas where we can put all our focus on making the biggest impact.


The results are juicy!  We have learned so much over the course of our study of engagement.  Not only do we learn how we can improve as a company, but each region, each market and each Ultimate Staffing, Ledgent, and Adams & Martin Group office is provided action plans.  We’re talking very actionable strategies.  The cool part is that we know implementing this custom-built strategy will actually make life better for the people we serve.  Even cooler … our Customers and our Ambassadors built these strategies for improvement based completely on their responses.


We learned tangible lessons on what matters most to our Ambassadors like feeling positioned for success, feeling cared for, being recognized, and most importantly, getting constant communication from us.  We’ve learned our Customers love that we’re a fun company to do business with, that our Customers view us as sending better candidates than anyone else and it makes all the difference, and that solving a problem the moment we hear about it ends up making our business relationship stronger than if no problem ever existed at all.


That’s the takeaway from this post – if you’re a current Customer or Ambassador, we hope you know that the survey we send you is like gold to us.  We hope you value the opportunity to help shape the way we provide service to you.  If you’re not a Customer or Ambassador yet, we hope you learned a little about our uncompromising commitment to quality.  And if nothing else, we hope you’ve learned something you can apply to your own workplace because we love to help build great places to work.