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Remember WHEN … Expanding into Northern California

Happy 20th Anniversary Roth Staffing. Join us as we celebrate the memories and milestones that have occurred over the course of the last two decades.  This week’s memory is courtesy of Pam Sexauer – Executive Vice President, Roth Staffing Companies, L.P.

“On my first day, Ben asked me to listen to his rough draft of the company’s Mission, Vision, Values (which is almost exactly as it is today). Our company was founded on a set of shared philosophies, but Ben did not write the official MVV until a few years later. Wow, what a great way to start a career, spending a morning with Ben, hearing his passion for the company and learning about his vision for creating something even better.

I was hired to open the Northern California Market for Ultimate Staffing. I was the only employee … I was the sales person, recruiter and office coordinator until I could hire a team and find office space. I just started making sales calls from my home office during business hours and recruiting for coworkers at night. I filled the first orders my second week and the San Jose office was officially “open!”

Silicon Valley was in full swing and there was literally NO office space available. By the end of my first week I had lease offers out on 5 different spaces and all 5 went to higher offers or bigger companies taking over the entire floor. It took 5 weeks to find a space. I “guarded” that office space all day with our local broker so no one would come in and look at it while Ben reviewed and signed the lease terms. As we waited for the execution of the lease, I made sales calls in the building, got an order and filled it with the broker’s sister-in-law (who had registered, tested and interviewed with me on a laptop at Starbucks the week before).

In fact, the coworkers I recruited had been working out of my home for a couple of weeks now and were interviewing applicants at Starbucks. We were excited to move into the office but had no computers. Silicon Valley was so busy with expansion that it was a 2-month wait time to get data lines. We had to fax information to the Southern California branches so they could do our data entry for payroll each week. We documented all our sales calls by hand and faxed them to corporate weekly so they could be entered into SkillMatch (pre-StaffSuite).

We had about 25 Ambassadors out working when we moved into that first San Jose office and I had already hired the coworkers for the next office location in Northern California. We did not have enough desks or chairs for the new coworkers so Gail Ferrari set up her office in the kitchen of the San Jose branch and made sales calls there every day for several months! Gail and team even sold the first several On-Premise accounts from that kitchen office in San Jose!
The first days/months of opening new branches in Northern California were very exciting and rewarding and some of the best memories of my career.”