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A Q&A with our very own Corporate Recruiter, Rachel Savitt

With thousands of talented recruiters in America seeking top candidates for their respective organizations, it’s a rare honor when a talent powerhouse like CareerBuilder celebrates one of your own.  Such was the case when late last month, CareerBuilder’s Recruiter Spotlight shined a light on Roth Staffing’s Corporate Recruiter, Rachel Savitt.  We had a chance to sit down with Savitt and learn more about her unique, personalized approach to recruitment, relationship development—and how that contributes to her role at Roth Staffing.

How did you find your way into a career in the staffing industry?

I began my career as an HR coordinator in 1999.  My role was serving as a liaison between hiring managers and the staffing service companies—which was great exposure to both sides of the industry.  One of my vendors later recruited me, placing me in my first staffing role in the staffing industry—and the rest is history!


What qualities should one possess for a role as a Corporate Recruiter?

Believing in people is key … sometimes you just have a good feeling about a candidate—which you have to trust.  Also, being honest with respect to ones skill-set is critical.  As I develop a relationship with the candidate, I gather a solid understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.  Using that criteria, I try to position them in a role for success.


You mention having a “good feeling” about a candidate.  With so many applicants crossing your desk, how do you quantify that with a skills match?

It’s a unique balance.  Being honest about their experience, coupled with a certain energy and excitement.  I also appreciate when a candidate is really frank about their strengths and weaknesses—it allows me the opportunity to really get to know them and understand whether they’d be successful in our organization.  That excitement, coupled with a passion and drive for the industry, dovetails into Roth Staffing’s company Purpose:  “To make life better for the people we serve.Ⓡ”  When we’re able to align those certain unique qualities along with the requisite skills and experience, were able to make a great match.


You’ve been with Roth Staffing for a few years now, and you’ve made many successful placements.  Reflecting on that, what makes you most proud?

Roth Staffing is really great about celebrating successes, milestones and work anniversaries.  I’m proudest when I see my hires not only be successful, but grow in their roles within our organization.


What is the best part about working at Roth Staffing?

I love that one of our guiding principles states: “We seek to have fun in our workplace, celebrating excellence and offering abundant recognition.”  This truly aligns with my personality, and it’s something I’m personally passionate about.


Reflecting on your experiences and your recent CareerBuilder honor, what has contributed to your success?

Passion is #1—I love my career and feel fortunate that I get to create remarkable experiences for others in their careers, while also growing and developing my role.  I’m also able to bring a unique perspective to recruiting, as I’ve also been in the field;  I’ve run a full desk and I know first-hand the demands and qualities needed, as well as the challenges candidates will face in their roles.  I know what success looks like and how best to identify talent for our remarkable organization.