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Remember WHEN … Our Mission, Vision and Values

Happy 20th Anniversary Roth Staffing. Join us as we celebrate the memories and milestones that have occurred over the course of the last two decades.  This week’s memory is courtesy of Shawna Brown, Director of Service for Roth Staffing Companies, L.P.

“Even before Ben introduced our MVV to the company, our core Values were something that Ben and the entire organization demonstrated on a regular basis.

I remember when we were first introduced to our MVV. We were each given a wallet size card with our MVV printed on it. We were each challenged to have it memorized before our annual kick-off meeting. I remember working on memorizing it with our team and looking at key words and what they meant to each of us. As we committed our MVV to memory, it was easy to see that each word/statement was truly who we were as a company and who we continue to be – putting the Mission, Vision, Values on paper was simply a formality; it put words to what already existed.

During the ride home from the kick-off meeting, I remember how proud and inspired we all were to truly be a part of such a remarkable organization.

During the initial roll out of our MVV, I was working in the Laguna Niguel branch with Colleen Hooker and a fax came in with an order on it addressed to another staffing service. We could have thrown it in the trash and then called the Customer to skill market the exact person they were looking for. But then we remembered our first core Value, “Honesty, ethics and integrity guide our behavior and decisions.” We knew what to do. We called the Customer and explained what had happened. They ended up giving us the order anyway, and we filled it! The Customer truly valued our integrity and we continue to have a successful relationship.

I am proud to be part of an organization that continues to enliven and embrace our MVV. Our MVV is not just rhetoric; they are a guide to how we conduct ourselves on a daily basis. Whenever we are in doubt or faced with a tough decision, we can always look to our MVV for the answer.”