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Giving Back: How Employee-Sponsored Volunteerism Drives Workplace Engagement

Let’s see a show of hands—how many working professionals actively volunteer during their free time?  If you’re like most, you love the idea but between family, friends, responsibilities at home and some good old-fashioned sleep, it’s hard to squeeze it in, right?

Enter workplace volunteerism.  While many professionals may have actively volunteered in high school and college, upon graduation the best-laid plans for continuing that important work gave way to busy careers.

Consider the following statistics as you review the possible adoption of a volunteerism program for your workplace!  According to a recent analysis by Deloitte, workplaces that promote regular volunteerism record-high engagement levels with “93% of employees are somewhat or very satisfied with their employer.”  Similarly, “96% of employees who volunteer report that the corporate culture where they work is somewhat positive or very positive.”  Further bolstering support for volunteerism is a new generation of philanthropic millennials who count community involvement critical to their acceptance of a job offer with “61% of millennials who rarely volunteer [themselves] considering a company’s commitment to the community when making a job decision.”

Roth Staffing Companies proudly promotes a quarterly ‘From The Heart’ volunteerism opportunity, with many coworkers taking advantage of seasonal volunteer outings at soup kitchens, children’s homes and food drives.  The result is a successful program, affording civic-minded coworkers the opportunity to give back to their communities!

Does this data change the way you think about engagement?  Review the below and weigh-in!

Source:  Goodify