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7 Simple Steps to a Healthy Heart + Infographic

February is American Heart Month.  Roth Staffing Companies, L.P. proudly kicked-off our support of this monthly awareness campaign with a “Go Red for Women” sponsored by the American Heart Association in Newport Beach, CA.   As we bring awareness to this important initiative and action measurable goals, it’s also great time to remember the activities and  habits that contribute to a healthy heart.

A few of our favorite tips include the following:

Get Moving:  Are you logging in 150 minutes of moderate activity per week?  If not, consider an activity tracker like FitBit or Nike FuelBand to keep yourself accountable and motivated.  Sometimes, all it takes is a little blinking light reminder to get the steps you need each day.

Eat Right:  The results are in and it’s hard to deny—vegetables, lean meats and whole grains DO make a difference. So, consider limiting fluffy, white, processed foods and snacks and get back to a basic, heart healthy, nutritious meal plan.

Blood Pressure:  Be vigilant about regular doctor visits and don’t ignore those convenient blood pressure monitors in your local drug store. They’re an easy way to keep on track and best of all—they’re free!

Source:  Everyday Health