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How Top Employers Screen for Top Performers

When your business revolves around recruiting and hiring people, like ours does, you see the traps businesses fall into.  We can understand why 70% of recruiting budgets are wasted on the wrong hire.  The secret to hiring the right candidate is simple … but involves a little bit of extra work.

What’s the secret to screening for top performers? We’re pretty sure we have the answer for two reasons:

(1)   We looked at multiple studies that analyze the way recognized “best companies to work for” recruit and screen candidates and we found some commonalities, and

(2)   We’ve done it ourselves! Our own organization has received more recognition for being a Best Company to Work For than any other firm in the staffing industry; we’ve honed and tested our internal hiring methods to ensure we find the very best people to build and champion our unique work culture.

So, “How do Top Employers Screen for Top Performers?” … the answer is that these companies treat every component of the coworker experience as part of their screening process.  What that means is the best companies to work for first determine what they want to be known for.  They articulate what the Purpose of their company is and make sure all coworkers not only understood that Purpose, but are given a key role in championing that Purpose.  Next, they use that internal philosophy as the message when recruiting and attracting candidates.

The company Purpose guides each manager or recruiter when they screen through resumes.  With 1,000-2,000 resumes submitted for every position, recruiters and hiring managers can wade through the pile more quickly when they know to look for cover letters that align with their company culture, or key words that demonstrate that the candidate looks for meaning in their role.

Referrals become an important part of the recruiting and screening process because internal employees take a more active role in finding great talent to work alongside them in their quest to fulfill their company’s Purpose.

The interview process becomes a conversation about the candidate’s core Values and how well those align with the company’s.  Employers recognized for being the best often employ a “working interview” within their screening process allowing both the candidates and the manager a chance to see if there is a “spark.”

Top Employers will tell you they only administer skills assessments for technical positions in which a certain level of ability is required, but any skill that can be taught on the job is not tested for, in its place are personality or behavioral assessments to help screen for a cultural fit.

Advances in technology and communication have made it easy to find people, but harder to find the “right” people.  If you want to be a top employer and screen for top performers, it all begins with creating an engaging place to work where coworkers are passionate about what they do.  Everything else stems from that.