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Remember WHEN … Doing the Right Thing

Happy 20th Anniversary Roth Staffing. Join us as we celebrate the memories and milestones that have occurred over the course of the last two decades.This week’s memory is courtesy of Jennifer Jech Simonson, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Roth Staffing Companies, L.P.

It was ten years ago…

I was perfectly happy working as an employment and business litigator and was not looking to make a change.  But a Roth Staffing recruiter convinced me to just talk with Ben and see what I thought about the company.  Throughout our conversation, I was continually inspired by Ben’s descriptions of the company culture, his vision for the future, and most of the all, Core Values #1 and 4—“Honesty, ethics, and integrity guide our behavior and decisions” and “If it’s ethical and enhances customer satisfaction, do it.”   Just a short time later, I was walking back into Ben’s office as a Roth Staffing coworker, tackling one of my first legal matters as the company’s General Counsel!

The case involved a coworker’s medical leave issue, and I told Ben that the branch had handled the situation in such a way as to not leave us legally liable.

Ben’s immediate reply?  “Yes, but did we do the right thing?”

If I had any lingering doubt about whether everyone at Roth Staffing truly believed and enlivened our Mission, Vision, and Values, it would have disappeared in that instant.  Ben’s response said it all, and I’m proud to state that the branch had also gone above and beyond in order to make life better for the coworker!

Time and again, I’ve witnessed our coworkers’ commitment to doing good things and the right thing for people.

Whenever I’m tackling a tough legal matter, I look back to that conversation and think of Core Values #1 and #4—my favorites!—and it’s never difficult to make the right decision… the Roth decision!