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It’s no secret that mobile devices are critical tools for the legal industry.  With cloud technology, telecommuting and satellitecoworking environments, the modern law firm is evolving at a frenzied pace—making mobile gadgets and apps critical to the current career landscape.  As legal professionals reflect on their preferred technology preferences, it’s always interesting to see how your choices align with others in your field—making the following infographic analysis especially interesting…

A few of our favorite noteworthy statistics, according to Lawyer Tech Review:

Blackberry’s Rule:  For the legal community, the Blackberry is the most popular, with 46% of market share, while the iPhone takes second place at 35%.  Android devices take 3rd place, with the smallest market share—17%.  These stats are intriguing as globally – according to MBA Skool – Blackberry is the 10th most popular, while Apple claims 3rd place and Android (Samsung) claims the top spot.

To App or Not to App:  For the legal community, 27% claim to have downloaded a ‘legal specific app’ – and of those apps, Fastcase (mobile legal research), Westlaw (legal research service) and Lexis (online content research system) remain the first, second and third most popular.  In the “business apps” division, 28% of claim to have downloaded a helpful tool, with Dragon Dictation (voice dictation services), Docs to Go (mobile Microsoft Office suite) and PDF Reader (viewing tool for PDF documents) the first, second and third most popular…

Tablets:  According to Legal Tech Review, 20% of Lawyers use a tablet device – and of those devices, 96% claim to use an iPad.  This is an especially interesting statistic, as Apple’s phone counterpart claimed only 35% of market share.

Are you in agreement with these statistics?  Share with us and weigh-in!

Source:  Legal Tech Review, MBA Skool