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20 Days of Kindness: A Gift Card Brings Tears of Joy

“In the parking lot, I noticed an older vehicle with a baby seat in the back.  I decided to leave a $20 gas card on the car with a letter explaining the purpose behind Roth Staffing’s 20 Days of Kindness and asking the recipient to pay the good deed forward.  As I was chatting with friends at a distance, the owner of the vehicle walked up to his car, read the letter, smiled, and read the letter again before starting to cry. I’m so happy to be able to brighten his day!”


Dallas, TX


Coworkers like Brianna are observing the second day of Roth Staffing’s 20 Days of Kindness, a companywide effort to make life better for the people we serve during the final 20 days leading up to our Platinum Anniversary!

Every day, coworkers are sharing their random acts of kindness.  Check out our Facebook page and read on to see more!


“This morning, a coworker and I carpooled into the office. When I swung by the pick them up, I took their trash cans from the street and put them away by the side of the house.”


West Palm Beach, FL


“My hairstylist and her husband found out last year that he needs a kidney transplant.  Despite the news, she always has a smile and works hard supporting her kids’ activities, like softball and swimming lessons, while driving to clients’ homes to provide in-home styling. I can tell that she never splurges on anything for herself, so I bought her a Starbucks gift card. Now she can stop, grab a treat, and take a 10-minute break every once in a while!”


Washington, D.C.


“My act of kindness: I purchased coffee for the person behind me in the Dunkin Donuts line, and picked up a coworker who needed a ride while her car was in the shop.”




“A neighbor adopted a dog, which was howling sadly from his yard while I was home at lunch.  My son and I asked permission to take the dog and run some of the energy out of him.  He’s now panting happily in the shade of my neighbor’s yard!”


Ventura, CA