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20 Days of Kindness: Feeding the Homeless

“I volunteered for two hours at the West Hollywood Food Coalition feeding 150 homeless people after my coworkers Ashley, Leslie, and George donated food for homecooked meals. It was a true joy serving what was, for many, the first meal they’d had all day.  I look forward to doing it again!”

Brian, George, Ashley, & Leslie, Santa Monica, CA


At Roth Staffing Companies, we recognize that our business provides us a platform to do good things and the right things for people.  That’s why Roth Staffing coworkers like Brian are spreading acts of kindness throughout the next twenty days leading up to our company’s 20th anniversary.

Visit our Facebook page and see the heartwarming stories below to discover how Roth Staffing coworkers are making life better for the people we serve!


“I made a late night run to CVS Pharmacy.  In the checkout line was a very tired and stressed mother with a sick toddler in her arms.  When she went to pay, her card was denied.  I saw the panicked look on her face—she didn’t know what to do!  I paid for the medicine her son so dearly needed, reminiscing about how stressful it was when my sons were sick during their childhood.  I’m grateful I was able to lend a hand.”

Peggy, Southern California


“I noticed my neighbor walking home from the bus stop and happily gave him a ride home!”

Carolyn, Pasadena, CA


“My coworker moved my empty trash can from the curb when he picked me up for work yesterday.  I remembered him mentioning how much his daughter loves star fruit, so this morning I brought him a star fruit from a tree in my backyard.  It’s one of the first of the season!”

Mike, West Palm Beach, FL


“I paid the bridge toll for the person behind me and requested that the toll booth worker ask the driver to pay it forward.  In my rearview mirror, I saw how surprised and pleased the driver was!”

Julie, Sacramento, CA


“One of my daughters is at the very end of her pregnancy and experiencing back issues.  I booked a prenatal massage for her and am babysitting her 2-year-old while she relaxes!”

Diane, Orange, CA