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CONGRATULATIONS to our Roth Hero of the Week!

Bill Moses, a former Ambassador of the St. Louis, MO branch of Ultimate Staffing Services (a business line of Roth Staffing Companies), is used to sacrificing for others.  As a Non-Combatant in the United States Air Force Special Operations Unit during the First Gulf War, Bill jumped into emergency situations to rescue others who needed help.

After finishing his tour in the military, Bill became the primary caregiver for several family members struggling with chronic illnesses, ultimately relocating to St. Louis to dedicate himself to their care.  He bravely overcame some rough times including the deaths of several loved ones, and connected with Ultimate Staffing.


When Bill garnered a position with a local technology company, Bill dedicated himself to championing the organization’s workplace culture and developing a tight-knit family environment. New Ambassadors (Ultimate Staffing’s temporary employees) who arrived on assignment received mentoring and special attention to ensure that they felt welcome. Bill became known for his optimistic spirit, great work ethic, and willingness to always help others.  In fact, when Bill developed a blood clot in his leg, coworkers went out of their way to take care of the man who so often looked out for everyone else!


Bill underwent five surgeries in just a few months and in the end, doctors needed to amputate his leg.  A coworker and the coworker’s wife visited Bill every day for several months to assist him with cooking and taking care of his two cats, while another coworker stopped by to do the laundry and cleaning.


The outpouring of support he received during the first stages of recovery inspired Bill to give back to others struggling with similar medical issues; he brainstormed ways to get involved with supporting veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces!  He plans to implement them as soon as he is fitted for a prosthetic leg.  Bill claims that he’s fortunate to have been surrounded by heroes his entire life, from his childhood to his time in the military and within his current workplace. We’re proud to say that he’s not only surrounded by heroes—he is one!