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20 Days of Kindness: Supporting Struggling Mothers

“My team and I collected diapers to donate to an organization that supports struggling mothers.  These women oftentimes have nowhere to go and do not have access to the items that many expectant moms receive at baby showers.  We were happy to influence the lives of these brave women during the 20 Days of Kindness!”  

Lilli, Woodland Hills, CA


Lilli and her team of Roth Staffing coworkers are participating in and championing the 20 Days of Kindness, a campaign by Roth Staffing Companies during the 20 days leading up to the company’s 20th anniversary on August 15th!  We’re sharing their stories, like those below, on the Roth Staffing Facebook page to demonstrate the small ways that we create remarkable experiences… every person, every time.  Click here to learn more about our company’s Purpose and Promise, and read on to discover more acts of kindness!


“While having coffee at a local restaurant, I observed one of the managers berating a server for something that did not involve me and my companion.  The server was visibly upset about the poor treatment in front of customers, particularly because I had only seen her extend great customer service.  I left her an extra tip for the fantastic customer service I had experienced, and as a token of encouragement.”

Jayne, Florida


“I purchased a gift card to a grocery store in my neighborhood.  As I was walking out of the store, I handed the card to a lady who was entering and wished her a great day.”

Anonymous, Dallas, TX


“My building’s parking garage attendant, Ana, is so friendly, helpful, and welcoming to all visitors.  I asked a fellow coworker to pass her an anonymous note sharing my thanks and enclosed a Starbucks gift card.  She was very surprised to receive the envelope!”

Valerie, Orange, CA


“I carried an elderly man’s groceries to his car.  He was very thankful!”

Andrew, Florida


“As a random act of kindness, I brought bagels for our office.  The breakfast was great fuel and a morale boost!”

Anonymous, Costa Mesa, CA


“My neighbor needed someone to housesit and take care of their cats while they were out of town, so I stepped up.”

Leila, Orange County, CA