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20 Days of Kindness: Providing Lunch to Hungry Kids

“Two coworkers of mine—Beth and Katie—and I spent our lunch break feeding 30 children free lunches through a local program.  The program provides lunch and snacks to kids during the summer, when children do not have access to school food assistance programs. We’re thrilled to help such kind, grateful children!”

Nicole, Sacramento, CA


Nicole, Katie, and Beth chose to feed hungry children as their act of kindness on the 7th day of Roth Staffing’s 20 Days of Kindness.  Every business day leading up to Roth Staffing Companies’ 20th anniversary on August 15th, Roth Staffing coworkers will be fulfilling the company’s Promise, “We love to create remarkable experiences… every person, every time,” in a creative way—by performing random acts of kindness.

Read about these random acts below, and visit the Roth Staffing Facebook page to see highlights from our 20 Days of Kindness!


“This weekend, I thought about what I could do for others.  I spent hours cleaning my kids’ rooms and donating all of their clothes and unneeded items to other children in need.”

Leslie, Georgia


“I was a very busy train station waiting for family members to arrive when I noticed an older gentleman struggling to remove his luggage from his car. He had a lot of luggage and had to park a significant distance away from the elevator due to construction, so I approached him and offered my help.  I assisted with getting his luggage to the station and finding a porter to help the rest of the way.  It made my day to see how thankful the man was!”

Wendy, Arlington, VA


“I came into the office yesterday and found an anonymous Starbucks card on my desk that read ‘Happy Monday, Leila!’  I don’t know who it came from but it made me smile. I appreciate someone’s act of kindness!”

Leila, Orange, CA