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20 Days of Kindness: Consoling an Anxious Patient

Roth Staffing is nearly halfway through the 20 Days of Kindness, our campaign to do random acts of kindness during the 20 days leading up to our company’s 20th anniversary!  Coworkers of Roth Staffing Companies are celebrating two decades of doing good things and the right thing for the people we serve by performing touching acts like those below.  Join our movement on Facebook!


“While visiting the radiology department of a local hospital, I noticed a lady sitting alone.  She appeared worried about her forthcoming test results, so I asked her if she’d like me to wait with her until she met with the doctor.  She appreciated the support and we actually found that we had a lot in common!”

Diane, Orange, CA


“I heard about a single mother of two who is battling cancer for the fourth time.  Her insurance is running out so she didn’t have money to take one of her teenagers back to school shopping.  I donated bags of my 15-year-old daughter’s clothing and was pleased to hear that the young girl loved several items!”

Edith, Tempe, Arizona


“One of my neighbors needed to have surgery.  I took in her foster dog so she wouldn’t have to worry about him during her recovery.”

Breeanna, California


“I was at the store and observed a mother with two young daughters.  One of the daughters had her eye on a small purse but the mother couldn’t afford it.  I asked permission to purchase the purse for the girl and am happy to say that both the mother and daughter were thrilled!”

Jayne, Florida


“A man that I encountered at the gas station told me that he was undergoing chemotherapy and that he and his wife had no money for food or bus fare.  I bought him some groceries and offered some cash for the bus.”

Anonymous, Texas


“I noticed my new neighbor placing a tall ladder against his even taller palm tree in order to cut off some dead fronds.  He seemed unsure about the stability of the ladder, so my husband and I introduced ourselves and insisted upon holding the ladder for him while he got the job done.  We made a new friend!”

Maddy, Costa Mesa, CA


“On my way to visit several Ambassadors on assignment for our company, I stopped at my favorite hole-in-the-wall doughnut shop and bought 2 dozen treats for them.  These Ambassadors have received rave reviews from the client, so I loved being able to surprise them and show my gratitude for their hard work!”

Ashley, Los Angeles, CA


“At the grocery store, I traded places with the person behind me, who had just one item, and I also surprised my coworkers with a new coffeemaker.”

Mike, Florida