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20 Days of Kindness: When Life Gives You Lemons

“I stopped to buy a popsicle at a stand put up by some young kids in my neighborhood.  When I asked how they were going to spend their earnings, they said, ‘Oh, we’re donating profits to the local food bank.’  Needless to say, I chipped in a bit extra for the great cause!”

Mark, Eagan, MN


If, like Mark, you’re inspired by acts of kindness and want to create a few of your own, Roth Staffing Companies is right there with you.  Our purpose—“ To make life better for the people we serve”®—pushes us to do good things and the right things for others.

For the 20 days leading up to Roth Staffing’s Platinum anniversary, our coworkers will be spreading random acts of kindness to celebrate 20 years of creating remarkable experiences.  Find more acts performed during our 20 Days of Kindness below and on Roth Staffing’s Facebook page!


“One of my neighbors is an elderly woman who lives alone.  Every Thursday evening, I put her garbage cans out by the curb and bring them in on Friday after garbage pickup.  Every time I do, she makes sure to tell me how much she appreciates the help.  I enjoy doing whatever I can for her!”

Gretchen, Orange, CA  


“This weekend, my friend had a family emergency and had to leave the state.  I watched her puppy for her.”

Ashley, Denver, CO


“I’d been thinking about one of my middle school teachers recently.  He and I kept in touch for years but hadn’t connected in some time, so I reached out via email to say that I hoped he was doing well.  He responded after a few days thanking me for reaching out.  It turns out that he’d had a stroke the week before.  He was extra thrilled to hear from me during a challenging time.”

Leslie, Atlanta, GA


“I love doing kind things for my coworkers.  Two of them were feeling under the weather on Friday so I bought them brightly colored daisies to lift their spirits.  Today, I brought a gift basket for a new coworker to welcome her to the team!”

Brianna, Dallas, TX


“Our building’s maintenance person had just finished cleaning the restroom.  Moments later, a woman accidentally sprayed water on the counter when washing her hands and dropped her paper towels on the floor when rushing out the restroom.  I wiped down the counter and picked up her trash, tidying up the restroom because the maintenance professional had just done such a great job cleaning.”

Chelsea, Costa Mesa, CA