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20 Days of Kindness: Blitz and Blintzes

“I bought two tickets to a breakfast to support a friend’s son’s football fundraiser.  In return I am giving the two tickets to one of our Ambassadors who needs a free meal.  I’m going to call an Ambassador today to give them the tickets!”

Lisa, Las Vegas, NV


20 Days of kindness - breakfast tickets for an Ambassador

Lisa is just one example of how Roth Staffing Companies is fulfilling our Purpose—“To make life better for the people we serve. ®” Coworkers of Roth Staffing Companies are celebrating two decades of doing good things for the people we serve by performing touching acts like those below. Join our movement on Facebook!




“On Sunday, I was at the grocery store, and I noticed a guy standing behind me with two rotisserie chickens in each hand. I thought to myself “boy those must be hot”, so I asked him … ‘is that all that you have?’  And I motioned him to move forward. He joyfully squeezed toward the front of the line, and the smile on his face, and joy in his voice when he said “thank you” made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.”

Mihyisha, Irvine, CA


“My daughter and I helped a disabled family with interior painting and yard work this weekend.”

Greg, Denver, CO


“Today, I ordered warm cookies to be delivered for my co-workers!”

Brianna, Dallas, TX


“Well, I invited the another branch to come over to our toast to Roth Staffing next Thursday!”

Maddy, Costa Mesa


“A good friend of mine visited from out of town over the weekend; she really liked one of my bracelets, so I let her wear it for the day.  She kept talking about how much she liked it, and she lives in a small town so there aren’t any stores near her that carry it.  Today, I ordered one to be sent to her house as a surprise!”

Anonymous, Costa Mesa, CA


“Yesterday, I stood at the door by the exit of our building at held it for about 10 minutes, telling all of my “building-mates” to have a good evening.  Something simple, but I hope it brightened their days!”

Briann, Dallas, TX


“Did a small handmade art project for a friend that’s going through a rough time in life – sent it to her as a surprise!”

Chelsea, Costa Mesa, CA