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CONGRATULATIONS to our Roth Hero of the Week!

This year, Carolyn Andrews celebrated not one graduation, but two! She proudly cheered on her 18-year-old son Collin at his high school graduation and also lauded another “son’s” graduation from Compassion International’s child adoption/sponsorship program.

Pablo is one of two children sponsored by Carolyn through an organization focused on combatting poverty on behalf of children living in destitute areas throughout the world. Now 18, Pablo has received financial assistance and personal guidance from Carolyn for seven years. Due to her support, he is on his way to study at university — an opportunity that not many in his poor town in Honduras receive.

The commitment has formed a special connection between Suteera and Carolyn and Collin, who “adopted” Suteera when she was just a little girl. They look forward to the day that they can meet in person, and trade letters and photos about their families regularly.

Carolyn is the Houston, TX branch manager for Ultimate Staffing Services (a business line of Roth Staffing Companies) and a single mom; she has more than enough material to include in her letters to Suteera. After all, she takes care of a clan of kids! In addition to Collin, Carolyn has helped to raise her niece and nephews after their mother (Carolyn’s beloved sister) passed away from cancer several years ago. One of Collin’s friends has also experienced Carolyn’s limitless hospitality and generosity; after some trouble at home, the friend moved in with Carolyn’s gang. She is currently helping him attain his driver’s license and finish his high school degree while he regains his footing.

With so many responsibilities, Carolyn fulfills quite a few roles — caretaker, professional, cheerleader, disciplinarian, mentor, friend, role model, chauffeur. At the end of the day, there is one that makes her the proudest: mom.