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CONGRATULATIONS to our Roth Hero of the Week!

Breeanna Gordon is so dedicated to helping others that she dreams about it. That’s not a figure of speech; one night in early 2012, Breeanna dreamt about twelve elves delivering gifts to families in need. She awoke inspired to launch “Twelves,” an amalgamation of “twelve” and “elves” that would eventually become her personal fundraising initiative — which incidentally was founded in 2012.

Twelves encourages twelve like-minded people passionate about the same cause to come together, each person donating $12 per month for 12 months, totaling $1,728 at the end of the year to donate to the cause or charity of the group’s choosing. Breeanna, our Marketing Department’s Creative Supervisor, devoted her free time to organizing and launching Twelves via social media and through in-person networking.

Breeanna’s creativity and passion is often put to use outside of her Marketing office as she helps community groups with logos, flyers, social media campaigns and presentations. In fact, she has devoted so much time and talent that the combination of her professional and community work earned her national recognition from the American Business Awards as the recipient of the 2013 Bronze Stevie Award for Creative Professional of the Year.To date, the group has successfully raised nearly $1,000 for the cause, well on their way to raising the full $1,728 and providing a model for other new Twelves groups!

Breeanna does all of this while orchestrating her clan at home consisting of two young sons, three cats, two dogs, and a husband. A true champion of Roth Staffing’s Purpose “To make life better for the people we serve” outside of the office and in her community, Roth Staffing is honored to call Breeanna a Roth Hero!