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20 Days of Kindness: Rescuing a New Best Friend!

As we get closer to our 20th anniversary on August 15th, Roth Staffing Companies’ coworkers continue to perform random acts of kindness.  Our 20 Days of Kindness campaign is causing great things to happen all around the country, as described below.  Check out the Roth Staffing Facebook page for more great stories from the 20 Days of Kindness, and join the movement!

“I volunteered at an animal shelter’s adoption event and ended up rescuing a dog!  I didn’t start the day thinking that I’d have a new pet, but I just love Tinkerz!”

Nicole, Schaumburg, IL


“My team and I collected and donated lightly used clothing for a great cause!”

Lilli, Woodland Hills, CA


“While walking out of a store, I noticed a handicapped gentleman heading toward the exit.  I went back to hold the door for him.  It may seem small but he said “Thank you!” in a very grateful tone.”

Maddy, Costa Mesa, CA


“Many attendees arrived late to a meeting yesterday.  Since I had arrived early and settled in already, I offered to serve beverages and take everyone’s lunch selection.  It got the meeting on track quickly!

Chelsea, Orange County, CA


“A fireman walked into a local restaurant and ordered food, only to discover that he didn’t have his wallet.  I was seated nearby and was more than happy to pay for his lunch!”

Bob, El Segundo, CA


“It was 100 degrees outside, so I left water in a cooler by the mailbox for my mailman.”

Brianna, Dallas, TX


“At lunch yesterday, the restaurant that I was dining at was very short-staffed.  One server had to cover four tables, a few of which were larger parties.  I approached the waitress and asked if I could help by filling up diners’ water cups while she did other things.  She thanked me and I got to be a waitress for an hour!”

Leila, Orange, CA


“Every month, I gather clothes to take to a domestic violence shelter that needs clothing, small household appliances, and furniture.”

Demetria, Tempe, AZ


“I live next to a pair of elderly twins.  Last week, one of the brothers fell.  My fiancé was able to lift him to a chair while I called paramedics. From my conversation with the men, it appeared that they were tight on finances and weren’t always able to afford food, leaving them weak and susceptible to bad falls.  I purchased a grocery gift card and left it on their door to help out.”

Diana, Orange County, CA


“One of my coworkers, Laura, spent the weekend at a retirement home visiting her grandmother.  During her visit, she polished all the retired ladies’ nails!”

Adriana, Gardena, CA


“I shopped for back to school clothes, shoes, backpacks, lunch bags, and water bottles for a family that has been struggling financially.”

Anonymous, Phoenix, AZ


“I donated much needed supplies to the local SPCA.”

Kimberly, Clearwater, FL


“This morning, I helped an older woman chase down her dog that had gotten loose.”

Shane, Woodland Hills, CA


“One of my neighbors is an elderly gentleman who has difficulty walking on his own.  The other night, he needed help getting out of his car because his wife had gone inside.  I was able to hoist him out and grab his walker to help him back to his apartment.”

Deanna, Costa Mesa, CA


“My nail stylist was telling me about a few issues she was experiencing, so I gave her an extra tip.”

Lisa, Las Vegas, NV


“Several volunteers and I spent Saturday morning handing out school supplies to needy children in this area.  We gave out new backpacks, school supplies, and shoes to 3,000 children!  What a rewarding experience.”

Jayne, Boca Raton, FL


“I purchased a $25 Starbucks card and left it at the coffee shop so the baristas could give free beverages to anyone they felt needed a little pick-me-up that day.”

Dave, Denver, CO