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20 Days of Kindness: A Roof Over Their Heads

One day left of the 20 Days of Kindness!  Visit our Facebook page to uncover the random acts of kindness that our coworkers have been gladly performing for 19 days! 

“I heard about a man and his son who were sleeping in their truck.  I offered him the apartment my family and I had just moved out of since my lease has not yet expired.  We then talked to a friend of ours who said she would help qualify them for an apartment, so my kids took the man and his son to the public assistance office to connect him with the people who could help qualify them for an apartment. My family and I are also donating household items to furnish their new place.”

Olga, Orange, CA


“A group of friends and I made a care basket for a friend who is undergoing chemotherapy. We put items like books, scarves, gift card, lotions, a blanket, photo frames, bookmarks, and personal notes.  We know that she needs the support!”

Maddy, Costa Mesa, CA


“I was in a wedding last week and bought each of the bridesmaids their jewelry to wear for the wedding.  The bride was so happy!”

Brittany, Irvine, CA


“Last night at my kickball game, I ordered pizza anonymously for a few other teams to enjoy.”

Brianna, Dallas, TX


“I had missed my flight out of San Francisco and was at the front of line to hurriedly book another flight. I overhead two girls behind me stressing about their flight, so I moved aside and let them go ahead of me.  The customer service professional at the counter rewarded the act of kindness by rolling me over to the next flight free of charge, saying “Thanks for being considerate.”

Ashley, Los Angeles, CA


“I took a bag of goodies to an Ambassador to welcome her to her assignment and check to make sure she had everything she needed.”

Daisy, Orlando, FL


“While at a stoplight, there was a man holding a sign asking for food and water.  I happened to have two unopened water bottles rolling around in the back of my car, so I gladly gave them to him.”

Deanna, Costa Mesa, CA


“The lady behind me in the grocery store line had two small children, so I let her cut in line.”

Carolyn, Pasadena, CA


“I donate blood every other month.”

Teri, Denver, CO


 “I offered to watch a friend’s 7-month-old baby while she and her husband have a date night later this week.”

Chelsea, Costa Mesa, CA