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20 Days of Kindness: Looking Back at the Many Remarkable Experiences Created by Roth Staffing Coworkers

Friday, August 15th marked the final day of Roth Staffing Companies’ 20 Days of Kindness campaign.  The 20 Days of Kindness encouraged all coworkers to perform random acts of kindness and share them on the Roth Staffing Facebook page during the days leading up to the company’s anniversary on the15th, fulfilling the organization’s philosophies of doing good things and doing the right things for people.

Check out a sampling of the many random acts of kindness performed on the final day of the 20 Days of Kindness and go to our Facebook page to read more!


“Over the weekend, friends and I put together packets of granola bars, socks, fast food restaurant gift certificates, trash bags, and other various items to pass out to homeless people.  While getting off the freeway last night, I saw a man, woman, and child asking for money.  I gave them three of the baggies, and the man broke down in tears because his family hadn’t had socks to wear in months.”

Robin, Orange, CA


“My friends have a ten-day-old little girl.  I took them to dinner to give them a break!”

Mariam, Baltimore, MD


“I let a family go ahead of me in the grocery line. They had only one item and I had a shopping cart full.  Sometimes it’s the small things in life!”

Sarah, Orange County, CA


“My team went to our morning meeting at IHOP.  I had a leftover stack of pancakes, which I gave to a local homeless man on the corner instead of saving it for lunch, as originally planned.”

Amy, Tampa, FL


“I complimented 10 random strangers and enjoyed their surprised responses!   I also purchased a gas card to put on a stranger’s car.  I didn’t get to see the driver’s reaction but I enjoyed imagining it!”

Brianna, Dallas, TX


“While walking my dogs, a man stopped me to ask for directions.  He was trying to meet up with someone to buy a surfboard but had gotten lost and didn’t have a cell phone on him to call the seller.  I called the number and grabbed the address for the lost man, and pulled directions from my phone.”

Deanna, Costa Mesa, CA


“I helped a friend set up her Etsy account to promote her small business.”

Chelsea, Orange County, CA


“I overhead a woman in my apartment building’s garage saying that she had sprained her foot the other day, and didn’t know how she was going to cross the street in the heavy rain.  She also happened to be carrying a few bags.  I offered to help out and carried her bags across the street, helping her into the elevator.  She thanked me profusely for the small gesture!”

Angie, Hartford, CT


“Our office building’s security guard is always so sweet, but she looked really tired yesterday.  I asked if she was alright and she told me that her young daughter was sick and up all night.  I bought her a mocha Frappuccino as a nice pick-me-up!”

Kameko, Gardena, CA


“I arrived home to find that several pieces of mail had fallen to the sidewalk from the mailman’s delivery bag.  I gathered the pieces and delivered them to my neighbors, who were grateful for the consideration.”

Emily, Portland, OR


“I helped a physically disabled woman pick up her lunch.  She was so appreciative!”

Mariam, Baltimore, MD