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All hail the Temporary Employee

It’s National Staffing Employee Week, September 15-19 … and yes, there is such a thing – for good reason, too! This is the week the American Staffing Association celebrates the temporary employee.

Overdue recognition to the person who competently fills in when the office professional you didn’t think you could live without goes on maternity leave, sick leave or an extended, deserved vacation. The person who helps get your staff levels up during the “busy season.” The person who cranks out that critical project or gets your department up to speed when the workload is piled high. Today’s temporary employee is motivated, prepared and valued. Way, way gone are the days of the “secretary pool” from the 50s and 60s. Gone are the days of the “temps” from the 80s and 90s perceived to be the candidates who couldn’t get a job anywhere else.

Today’s staffing employee chooses to do contract work because it offers them the flexibility and work-life balance they require. It allows them the opportunity to advance their experience in a certain role so they can be more qualified for the full-time position they eventually want to go after. Today’s temporary employee is more likely to be filling a high-level professional or technical role.

More importantly, these professionals understand how they fit into the workplace of the business customer. They understand that the customer has a unique work culture and their role is to not only complete a task, but to also participate—to help build and champion the customer’s workplace ethos. Today, there are organizations like the Roth Staffing family of Companies that have not only built a recognized “Best Place to Work” internally, but have also designed a way for their temporary employee to become an Ambassador of their company’s Purpose and Promise. We salute the Ambassador who creates raving fans at our customers’ workplaces. We applaud the Ambassador who consistently creates remarkable experiences for hiring managers, each and every day.

HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO! It’s National Staffing Employee Week. If you haven’t partnered with a world-class staffing firm before, try it this week. We encourage you to bring in one of their best to experience first-hand how today’s temporary employees save the day for business customers. If you already have temporary employees on assignment, shake their hand and honor them for being resilient and independent. If you have an Ambassador representing one of the Roth Staffing Companies, we invite you to nominate one for ‘Ambassador of the Month’ honors at your local branch!

All hail today’s temporary employee!