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Digital Interviewing Trends: Jump on Board with VideoSelect HD!

Both hiring managers and job seekers across industries are probably intimately familiar with video interviewing.  From Skype to Google Hangouts and more, video chat programs are more widely available and entrenched in the business world than ever.

Accelir, a Strategy Advisory Firm focused on the integration of technology and human resource strategies, conducted a Video Interviewing Usage Survey and found that nearly 40% of respondents (encompassing recruiters and hiring managers) claimed to utilize video technology at some point during the hiring process.

Additionally, more than 75% of respondents said that they would be just as willing to participate in a video interview as a traditional in-person interview.  This willingness isn’t surprising when considering the many benefits of video interviewing:

  • Quick and easy to set up—simply set a time to jump on the call or view pre-recorded videos when convenient
  • Saves time—Accelir’s study determined that scheduling a telephone screen eats up more than 30 minutes of a hiring manager’s time, according to one-third of the organizations surveyed, and video interviewing also saves hiring managers from spending time on in-person interviews
  • Cuts costs—no more flying candidates in for interviews or compensating them for drive time and gas

Roth Staffing knew that our customers and clients needed a way to make the interviewing process faster and easier… so we launched VideoSelect™!  Our proprietary video interviewing technology, VideoSelect™ enables hiring managers to view 3-minute video clips of candidates answering typical first interview questions.  These videos are emailed straight to their inbox, and hiring managers can screen as many candidates as they like, whenever they like.

Roth Staffing Companies is proud to introduce the newest updates to make life better for customers and clients… Introducing VideoSelect 3.0 HD!  With VideoSelect HD, hiring managers can “meet” candidates in high-definition, saving hours by interviewing in minutes.  Soon, they’ll have access to VideoSelect HD on their smartphones and tablets!

It’s just one more way that Roth Staffing fulfills our Purpose, “To make life better for the people we serve.”®  Check out what one customer had to say about VideoSelect HD below!

VideoSelect has assisted me in choosing high quality candidates.  It enables me to qualify candidate suitability before I ever expend the energy necessary to arrange my calendar for interviewing throughout the day.” 

Jennifer LeBoeuf, Human Resources, Pacific Municipal Consultants