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The Top 5 Scariest Hiring Issues that May Be Killing Your Workplace

This Halloween holiday, ghouls and goblins aren’t your workplace’s biggest concern—it’s hiring qualified talent to tackle your organization or department’s 2015 goals!

Although the U.S. labor market is gaining traction, finding great people remains a challenge for many organizations and departments.  We’re seeing more business customers partnering with Roth Staffing Companies and its six specialized business lines to help with the following 5 scary hiring issues.

1.      Trouble reaching the right talent pools.

A steadily decreasing unemployment rate means a shrinking active candidate pool for hiring managers to choose from when scouring for top talent.  Finding that perfect candidate who not only possesses necessary skills and experience but, more importantly, fits the culture of your workplace, isn’t easy even in the best circumstances, but locating that person within an active candidate pool that’s smaller than ever?…  That’s going to require the average hiring manager or department head to invest some serious tricks and treats!

2.      A dearth of certain skill sets and/or training.

Coworkers across Roth Companies’ specialized business lines have heard from customers that fewer candidates seem to possess the skill sets they’re searching for within industries ranging from manufacturing and production to legal to technology.  Employers expect candidates to come to the table prepared with the tools they need to succeed. This is particularly true for positions that require very specific training or technical skill sets.

“Qualified candidates are out there but department heads and hiring managers often don’t have access to them like experienced recruiters do,” says Roth Staffing Market Director Alicia Corona.  “Job boards, social media, networking associations, passive candidate pools, referrals, and existing talent networks—all help our recruiters find qualified candidates for business customers.”

We’re also working with customers to show that culture fit is a better quality to recruit for which requires businesses to be willing to train/teach some of the required skills.  “You can’t change ‘who’ a person is, but you can easily train exceptional talent ‘how’ to do something,” says Staci Johnson, Roth Companies’ VP of Marketing.

3.      Employers are limited to local candidate pools.  

Imagine sifting through social media platforms and finding the perfect candidate to fill that tough position in your organization or department… only to find out that he or she lives across the country and can’t relocate.  This situation has become more common since the Great Recession.  Many professionals find it cost prohibitive to move even for a good opportunity, further limiting hiring managers’ talent options and complicating their candidate search.

The solution is to either provide training to your internal recruiters or HR professionals on some of the intricate tricks for fine-tuning a social media search, or to work with a business partner who can do this recruiting and pre-screening for you.

4.      Applications and recruiting processes are outdated or unresponsive.

Candidates in today’s market want fluid application, screening, and interviewing processes — employers not utilizing updated technologies that streamline the application experience could be unknowingly hurting their chances of recruiting a great candidate.  If job seekers have to jump through hoops to apply, or don’t hear back from hiring managers promptly and consistently, you can bet that they’ll lose interest.  

5.      Limited recruiting resources.

Hiring and HR managers have to wear multiple hats and many find themselves stretched thin.  They just don’t have enough time to source talent, screen resumes, and interview candidates to find the best fit for their department or organization while fulfilling their day-to-day responsibilities.

“At Roth Staffing Companies, our Purpose is ‘To make life better for the people we serve,®’ which includes assisting hiring managers with their search for the perfect candidate,” says Ana Luna, Roth Staffing Market Manager.  “Organizations and departments don’t always have the time and resources to dedicate to locating the perfect talent, especially around the end of the year when people are on vacation or sick, and teams are racing to wrap up end-of-the-year projects.  We’re here to source, screen, and on-board candidates that match hiring managers’ unique perceptions of quality to ensure that managers can stay focused on achieving their business goals.”