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4 Things We’re Thankful For

More than an excuse to gorge on turkey and pumpkin pie, the Thanksgiving holiday causes many of us to stop and reflect upon the past months and what we are grateful for in our lives.  At Roth Staffing Companies, we believe that working in the staffing industry gives us a wonderful platform to do good things for others.  This extends beyond what we can do in our offices to what we can do in our communities.

This Thanksgiving, we look back at 2014 and are thankful for the many remarkable experiences created with our Roth Staffing family of coworkers, business customers, and Ambassadors.


We’re Thankful For… More Than 1 Million Meals Donated

Through our Purpose:full charity initiative and a partnership with No Kid Hungry®, Roth Staffing Companies donated more than 1 million meals to end childhood hunger in America.

One in every five American children struggle with hunger—approximately 16 million children across the nation.  Roth Staffing coworkers rallied and made it our mission to help end this problem, setting an ambitious goal of 1 million meals by our company’s 20th anniversary in August 2014.








Julie Belka, SVP; Adam Roth, President & COO; and Pam Sexauer, EVP; annually deliver food baskets over the holidays.

Through a combination of social media campaigns, fundraising, and corporate donations from Roth Staffing Companies and its generous business customers, we were able to connect hundreds of children to the nutritious food they need.


We’re Thankful For… Everyday Heroes—Roth Heroes!

In honor of our 20th anniversary, we wanted to pay tribute to some of the extraordinary people who are part of our Roth Staffing family of coworkers, Ambassadors, and business customers.  We gathered nominations from our networks and were able to recognize remarkable people who quietly and steadfastly make a difference in their communities.  We call them Roth Heroes.

















Carolyn Andrews and Family

Our Grand Prize winner, Carolyn Andrews, singlehandedly raised her son while also “adopting” two children from poverty-stricken countries through a non-profit organization called Compassion International.  Carolyn pledged to provide financial and emotional support to both children until their 18th birthdays, and help send them to university—a dream come true.

In addition, Carolyn has helped raise her niece and nephews after their mother (Carolyn’s sister) passed away from cancer (all while being diagnosed and having to battle the disease herself).  She has also taken in one of her son’s friends who experienced trouble at home, helping his regain his footing and finish his high school degree.


We’re Thankful For… Passionate Coworkers Active in Their Communities

Our coworkers are always looking for ways to create remarkable experiences, and many apply this philosophy to their actions outside of the office as well.  Coworkers have told Roth Staffing Companies’ executive leadership that they are passionate about causes ranging from cancer research to rescuing animals to suicide prevention, and in honor of our 20th anniversary, Roth Staffing established a Community Giving Day for coworkers to go into their communities and make a difference.














Community Giving Day -2014

The Irvine, CA teams visited a local food bank to help sort and package food for families in need, Detroit, MI coworkers supported a community blood drive, the Naperville, IL team volunteered at a beloved animal shelter … and the list goes on!


We’re Thankful For… the Opportunity to Fulfill Our Purpose

After a remarkable 2014 and 20 rewarding years of fulfilling our Company Purpose “To make life better for the people we serve,” we are proud to make a difference in the lives of our customers and Ambassadors across the nation.  More than that, we are humbled that we can make life better for the deserving people in our communities.


Happy Thanksgiving to our Roth Staffing family of coworkers, business customers, and Ambassadors, and their loved ones!