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Working in an Office Wonderland

All employers want their workplaces to remain industrious during the holidays, and encouraging fun office activities may seem counterintuitive to business productivity.  However, carving out downtime is an important contributor to employee engagement all year long, especially during the holiday season when coworkers may feel unmotivated or stressed by additional responsibilities due to office absenteeism.


Roth Staffing Companies, an award-winning and nationally recognized leader in employee engagement, suggests the following fun activities in your workplace to give coworkers a mental break and increase workforce engagement this holiday season.  Soon, your employees will believe they are working in an office wonderland!


Holiday Cookie Book-Off  

Challenge about two dozen employees to each bring in a batch of their best homemade cookies for other coworkers to judge.  Request that each judge donate $5.00 in order to participate in the taste testing, and then donate the total to a charity or a local family in need to double down on your do-good’ing this holiday season.

“Roth Staffing Companies held a similar event… to great success!” explains Breeanna Gordon, Creative Supervisor for Roth Staffing.  “We asked our coworkers to send in their favorite family cookie recipes along with a photo and the reason why the recipes were special to their loved ones.  Then, we compiled all of their delicious entries into a “CookiE-book,” a high-quality digital recipe book, and sold it for a few dollars apiece to coworkers, business customers, and Ambassadors [Roth Staffing’s temporary employees].  All funds went to Purpose:full, Roth Staffing’s charity initiative to end childhood hunger in America.  It was an innovative way to bring attention to great cause, and what’s more, an innovative way to share memories and bring our company together under our Purpose, ‘To make life better for the people we serve.®’”


Winter Sweater Day

Ugly sweater parties are now a ubiquitous holiday staple.  Why not bring some of that fun into the workplace?  Arrange a day for coworkers to wear ugly, fun, or simply over-the-top sweaters to work.  You also have the option of awarding prizes like gift cards or gag trophies to the individuals/departments that bear the most creative, unique, and/or festive attire.














Gingerbread House Construction Contest

Believe it or not, building gingerbread houses can serve as a team building activity, not just a fun distraction!  Split your workforce into teams (consider doing it across departments to facilitate cross communication), and provide each team with kits of gingerbread, frosting, and decorative candies.  Then, watch them go!  Add in an extra challenge by setting a timer for 10 minutes, and see what each team can accomplish under time constraints.