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Employer Resolutions in 2015

January marks the start of a fresh new year… and New Year’s resolutions!  Every year, Roth Staffing Companies hears from employers resolved to find and recruit the best talent to help them accomplish their business goals and achieve their best year ever.  Read on to discover some of the most common employer resolutions of 2015, and the strategies that Roth Staffing Companies has found to work best to achieve them.

Are any of these on your list?

1.      Improve job postings to appeal to top performers.

Job postings essentially become your organization’s first interaction with candidates, and the first (and perhaps only) opportunity to leave a positive impression.  If your workplace aims to hire the best talent this year, first take a closer look at your job postings and be sure to revise them to include the following elements if possible:

  • Logos, slogans, and a very specific and accurate representation of your culture/brand
  • Videos
  • Relevant job titles, industries, and keywords so they’re easy to search
  • Bullets and bold type making it easy to skim
  • Compensation information (most candidates skip postings with no salary range)

For more information and best practices about job postings, feel free to click here to access Roth Staffing’s white paper.

2.      Implement interview strategies that help reveal the best candidates.

After using optimized job postings to attract the best potential candidates and pre-screening them for qualifications, interviewing is the next step into gathering insight into whether a candidate possesses the skills and personality to truly excel at your workplace.

“Make sure your interview is a conversation and allow the candidate to interview you and your workplace, too,” says Staci Johnson, Vice President of Marketing for Roth Staffing Companies.  “Your interview process should take the most time – don’t rush it.  Everyone’s reaction after meeting the candidate should be ‘they’re the one!’ Don’t settle for anyone other than the very best fit, it’s worth the wait.”

If you are struggling to nail down interview questions and strategies that separate the candidates you need and want from unfit applicants, consider consulting Roth Staffing’s white paper about interview best practices.   

3.      Make our on-boarding process the best there is.

If you’ve been exposed to Roth Staffing’s suggestions for employee on-boarding throughout the past year, you may have learned that the first six months of an employee’s tenure, and particularly the first 90 days, are “make or break.”  Check out Roth Staffing’s proven on-boarding strategies to cultivate an engaging workplace culture and position employees for success from day one.

4.      Provide fair and competitive compensation to retain top-performing employees.

Roth Staffing Companies’ 2015 Salary & Management Resource Guides not only offer accurate salary data, but also reveal some of the secrets to providing the intangibles your employees need and want. Our guides share secrets to being a great manager… and the knowledge is free to you!  Click on the appropriate link below for a FREE copy of our 2015 Salary & Management Resource Guide, which can help you recruit and retain the best employees committed to achieving your 2015 business goals!

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