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Rothing in the New Year

Do you remember a few years back when “planking” (also known as the “Lying Down Game”) was a huge fad?  People would take photos of themselves face down, mimicking a wooden plank in random places such as fields and offices.

Well, planking is old news—“Rothing” is sweeping the nation!  Holding hands in the air akin to the Roth Staffing logo or forming the letters R-O-T-H with your body or objects, Rothing is Roth Staffing Companies way of spreading cheer and enlivening the organization’s commitment to have fun in the workplace… during the holidays and all year long!

Yet, it’s not all just fun and games.  In a presentation about workplace culture, Curt Coffman, Senior Partner and Chief Science Officer of The Coffman Organization, said this about “Best Place to Work” organizations like Roth Staffing Companies: “They have their own customs and language that demonstrate their philosophies and values.  Their culture is so ingrained that it may be difficult to understand from the outside, but fully understood and internalized by every coworker.”

In an organization with more than 450 coworkers and 100 branch locations nationwide, Rothing is one way that coworkers connect and celebrate the fact that they champion the same things, like the Company Purpose “To make life better for the people we serve.”®

As December comes to a close, Roth Staffing coworkers have banded together to Roth in the New Year.  We’re posting all the fun photos on our Roth Staffing Companies Facebook page, sort of like a homemade holiday card to our business customers and Ambassadors, the temporary employees who represent Roth Staffing Companies.  Click HERE to check them out, and feel free to submit yours!

Here’s to a very Roth-y New Year!