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Summer Safety Tips for Kids: Water Safety

Keeping little ones safe in the summer is a top priority for families.  Sadly, with drownings cited as the second leading cause of  unintentional death in children, safety at the pool, beach and lake is of utmost importance.

At Roth Staffing Companies, L.P., our Purpose:full “High 5″ charity initiative offers the opportunity to help children in 2015.  Through our “5” social media campaigns, we’re bringing awareness to several issues that effect children, one of which includes our summer initiative called Summer Safety Tips for Kids.  Beginning July 21st, we’ve enlisted the help of our remarkable coworkers to share photos of the special little ones in their lives to help us promote safety while enjoying water activities.

The following are 9 helpful tips to keep kids safe this summer:

  1. Look Fast:  If a child is missing from your sight, always check the water first.
  2. Safety First:  Ensure your child’s life jacket is worn properly and appropriate for the child’s age.  Hand-me-downs and borrowed items can be great, but not if they’re the wrong size.
  3. Know the Warning Signs of Drowning:  Keep a watchful eye for the difference between horseplay and drowning.  Waving arms, screaming, kicking and flailing can be indicators.
  4. Meet the Lifeguards:  When swimming at a public setting, it’s best to introduce children to the lifeguards on duty and swim near their post.  The effect is two fold: (1) kids know who to turn to for help and (2) the Lifeguard is able to keep a watchful eye on the little ones they just met.
  5. Encourage the Buddy System:  Assign little ones a “buddy” to swim with and not leave their sight.  Alert them to what to do if they loose track of their buddy.  Children should never swim alone.
  6. Stay Engaged:  Cocktails, magazines and cell phones can provide some much-needed relaxation for Mom and Dad, but it’s critical to maintain constant supervision in the water. Children should never be left unattended.
  7. Don’t forget the SPF:  Consider a long sleeve water shirt and adequate waterproof SPF—and don’t forget to re-apply throughout the day.  Hats, visors and sunglasses can also help overexposure.
  8. Consider CPR:  Parents may wish to consider a CPR training course for peace of mind.
  9. First Aid:  Don’t forget to stow a first-aid kit in your beach bag.  Consider including waterproof bandaids for cuts and scrapes as well as aloe vera for sunburned skin.


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