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Summer Safety Tips for Kids: Nature Safety

Exploring the great outdoors with little ones can be a popular summertime activity, but it’s not without it’s safety challenges.  Curious little hands, natural obstacles and inevitable trips and falls can make for a challenging adventure, but the following tips can help keep children safe this summer.

At Roth Staffing Companies, L.P., our Purpose:full “High 5″ charity initiative offers the opportunity to help children in 2015.  Through our “5” social media campaigns, we’re bringing awareness to several issues that effect children, one of which includes our summer initiative called Summer Safety Tip for Kids.  Beginning July 20th, we’ve enlisted the help of our remarkable coworkers to share photos of the special little ones in their lives to help us promote safety while enjoying outdoor activities.

The following are 9 helpful tips as it relates to outdoor & nature safety:

  1. Fleet feet:  Proper footwear is critial for nature activities.  While sandals might be tempting for warm temperatures, closed-toe shoes are actually best for safety and traction.
  2. Helmet heroes:  Bikes, skateboards, scooters and skates should always be teamed with helmets.  Instill these best practices early, to mitigate the challenge of breaking old habits later.  Helmets save lives.
  3. Leaves of three, let them be:  Keep a watchful eye on nature’s itchiest predators.  Help children identify and avoid poison oak, poison ivy and poison sumac (all carriers of rash-causing urushiol oil).
  4. Stop.  Look.  Listen:  Teaching patience and sensory awareness is a great way to prevent accidents in the outdoors.
  5. Encourage the buddy system:  Assign kids a “buddy” when playing and exploring outdoors.
  6. Bugs be gone:  Certain climates are prone to summertime bugs.  Encourage kids to use bug repellants to keep insects at bay.
  7. Don’t forget the SPF:  Light colors and long sleeves are best for sun safety, but always in tandem with SPF, as the need to shed layers becomes necessary on a hot day.  Hats can be a great tool as well.
  8. Whistle while you work:  Parents may wish to affix a whistle to a necklace or backpack.  This can help to sound an emergency, should kids become lost or separated.
  9. Build a safety kit:  Bug repellant, SPF, aloe vera and a host of other bandages, antiseptics and ointments can be helpful if you’re camping, hiking or away from home, outdoors.

Source: http://kidshealth.org/parent/medical/allergies/poison_ivy.html 

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