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The “S” Word (INFOGRAPHIC): Let’s get Uncomfortable

Salary talk:  it’s awkward, it’s dreaded, and it’s time to treat it like a regular conversation.

Money is a necessary part of life, and with inflation, accomplishments, seniority, and hard times, salary is destined to fluctuate.  To aid in conversations, we’ve compiled a Salary Talk Playbook that can help remove the stigma of the “S Word,” so you can have freer conversations and approach a resolution that you are both comfortable with.  After all, talking about salary doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.  It’s a necessary part of life and business.  The more often you talk about it, the easier it will get.  If you need a good place to start your research, contact one of our branches to request a Salary & Management Resource Guide, or consult our “S Word” White Paper.