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Meet our Ambassador of the Month: Jarrett Wong

Jarrett Wong is here to make you feel self-conscious about your work ethic.

Jarrett is all about efficiency. When he first arrived at his current assignment, Jarrett immediately utilized the Ambassador Program. The Ambassador Program is a set of 3 questions Roth Ambassadors ask their supervisor on their first day. It gives Ambassadors the opportunity to know exactly how to make an impact, regardless of how long they are on the assignment.

Jarrett asked his supervisor Question#1: “Can you tell me about the best employee you ever had in this position and what made them so good?” Jarrett’s current supervisor pointed out his number one employee, who was performing at a literal 160%. Jarrett decided that he wanted to be the top employee, and that’s just what he became. In a matter of three weeks, Jarrett was outperforming Mr. One-Hundred-and-Sixty-Percent, claiming his spot as the top employee in the whole department.

Jarrett says that “dedication, a good work ethic, and a respectful attitude” are what make a good employee. And others see that within him as well. Jarrett’s supervisor and team at Ultimate Staffing in Tempe, AZ, don’t just admire his work ethic; they truly enjoy Jarrett as a person.

Jarrett’s supervisor says, “He’s here, has a great attitude and always has a smile on his face.” Jarrett’s Ultimate Staffing representative, Jamila Engram, agrees, “He has such an easy, outgoing personality and a willingness to take on any assignment.”

Ever since Jarrett found Ultimate Staffing on CareerBuilder, Jarret has been enthusiastic about the assignments Jamila brings him. He says that he really enjoys the steadiness of Ultimate, and that he didn’t have to wait around for the phone to ring.

Jarrett says his experience with Ultimate has been “excellent,” but we think our experience with Jarrett has been extra excellent.