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Salary Guide Secrets

Salary Guides are published by a variety of human resources associations and staffing firms during the 4th Quarter of every year.

Hiring Managers gobble them up and often uncover valuable insight into relevant workforce issues while determining salary adjustments and recruitment strategies for the coming year.

Roth Staffing Companies is releasing three different versions of their 2016 Salary and Management Resource Guide for their specialized business lines Ultimate Staffing Services, Ledgent Finance & Accounting, and Adams & Martin Group.

We spoke with Staci Johnson, Vice President of Marketing, to ask what business customers can expect from Roth’s 2015 Salary Guides:


Johnson:  “Most of our Salary Guides were delivered last week and already we are hearing great feedback from the business clients we work with.  A hiring manager in Baltimore, MD contacted us to say that she LOVES the horizontal layout which makes it so much easier to review the data, in addition to the fact that our Salary Guides break down salaries for each region instead of providing just one data table with national salary ranges.  Plus, this particular manager raved about the tips we provide in the sidebar of each page … we worked with top employers to offer tactical advice on how to recruit, engage, and retain the best employees and outlined the best practices with easy to follow infographics.”


Q:  What salary trends did you uncover?

Johnson:   “The typical salary range saw quite a boost in 2015, in fact, it was enough of a boost that we did not see much of a change for projected salary ranges in 2016, however we are certainly seeing more competitive offers being made and more competitive salary increases being given to retain top performers.  The one trend that will impact 2016 the greatest is the tightening of the labor market.  There just aren’t as many quality candidates available forcing employers to work with recruiters who can connect them with passive candidates … the ones not necessarily looking but willing to consider a change if approached.  Employers need to ensure they have built an enticing workplace that will attract the best candidates – our Salary Guide provides tips on how to accomplish this.”


Q:  In addition to salary ranges and recruiting/retention tips … what else can managers find in the 2016 Salary Guides?

Johnson:  “Since candidate availability is the most important factor impacting hiring in 2016, we provided extensive research regarding employment rates and number of active job seekers in each region.  We think managers will find this insight extremely helpful as they make changes to their hiring process.  Our guide also includes tips on how to evolve the hiring process to better respond to the competition for candidates.”


You can order a copy of a 2016 Salary and Resource Management Guide “Tips from the Top” at one of our business line sites:

Ultimate Staffing Service – office, clerical, human resources, marketing, management, manufacturing positions

Ledgent Finance & Accounting

Adams & Martin Group – legal professionals and attorneys