Roth Heroes

Roth Staffing Companies is honored to pay tribute to some of the extraordinary people who are part of our Roth Staffing Family (coworkers, Ambassadors, business customers, and vendors).

When you build a company that holds steadfast in a Purpose "To make life better for the people we serve,®" you tend to draw incredible people into the fold; people with huge hearts who just do those simple little things every day that create remarkable experiences for those around them.

We encourage you to tell us about a Roth Everyday Hero. Nominations are currently being accepted. Roth Hero finalists are honored during the week of our Company Anniversary (the week of August 15th). Roth Everyday Heroes are recognized with a $500 donation to their selected charity.

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Eddie Hermond

Last May, when dangerous flash floods hit Ellicott City, Ultimate Staffing Ambassador Eddison “Eddie” Hermond was quick to jump to the aid of local shop owner Kate Bowman. Unfortunately, Eddie lost his life during the rescue efforts... read more »

The Gordon Family

Tiffany L. Johnson has been an outstanding Ultimate Ambassador on multiple assignments. But when she’s not working with us, Tiffany and her family are fighting for a very important cause, advocating for youth facing adversity... read more »

Tara Mahoney

It’s good to know there’s someone on your team who is willing to step up to the plate when the situation gets tough. That’s exactly what La Jolla Ledgent’s TAS, Tara Mahoney, did when she heard a fire alarm go off in her apartment building... read more »

Vanessa Santana

Humble. Patient. Dedicated. Inspiring. These are just some of the words people have used to describe Vanessa during the Roth Heroes nomination process. During her free time, she volunteers to coach not one, but two soccer teams... read more »

Laura Van Deudekom

Year after year, Laura has demonstrated her commitment to the community, speaking up for children that otherwise wouldn’t have a voice. She is a long-time supporter of Olive Crest, a nonprofit dedicated to ending child abuse and supporting at-risk children by providing training and helping them find a forever family... read more »

Juli Klein

Most of us use our vacation time to travel. Juli Klein uses her vacation time to travel for a cause. Every year, Juli goes on a mission trip with fellow church members, partnering with a variety of national nonprofits and volunteering for different causes... read more »