Congratulations to Amy Cox!

Amy Cox is the Search Manager of Ledgent Search Group in Phoenix, AZ, but more importantly, she is Alfred's buddy.

Alfred lives in Kenya and is able to go to school and receive a free lunch (sometimes his only meal of the day) because Amy pays for his tuition every month and has made a ten-year commitment to see him through school. Her monthly sponsorship also pays for his uniform, school supplies and medical care.

A little over a year ago, Amy traveled to Kenya with the "Food for the Hungry" program to meet Alfred and his friends. As part of her trip, she was able to give Alfred and 100 other families 20 kilos of grain, mosquito nets for the children 6 and under, rain water receptacles, and deworming meds for the children.

Amy also helped coordinate micro-finance workshops which helped her Kenyan friends with business solutions. The local business owners had a difficult time trusting each other, but Amy shared practices to alleviate the concern such as 1) have more than 2 people audit and count money 2) more than 2 people walk money to the bank or holding area 3) select a panel of QA people. She certainly made an important impact on an entire community and continues to make life better for one special little boy.