Congratulations to Amy Cox!

Our coworkers are not limited by the confines of their offices when it comes to making life better for the people they serve. Our Roth Hero, Amy Cox of Phoenix Ledgent Search Group, goes well beyond the confines of her community and even the confines of the continent.

When Amy finds out someone can use her help, she does whatever it takes to provide support — even if it requires traveling across the globe. Two years ago, we honored Amy as a Roth Hero for the work she has done in Africa. But just this past April, she learned that friends were helping out in a village in Honduras. They desperately needed more resources. Amy rallied her coworkers, and together they collected funds that would make a difference. Amy then used a week of vacation to make the trip and personally help with securing food, medical supplies, home repairs, and even appliances. During her time there, she overheard a conversation about a family whose father had given their home to a loan shark as payment. Amy personally paid the remaining debt, and the single mother of four now owns her home.