Congratulations to Ana Luna!

If you observe coworker Ana Luna around the office, the first thing that strikes you is her confidence and poise. She knows what she wants and where she's going, and manages to balance a busy professional career with familial responsibilities… but she wasn't always that way. Not too long ago, Ana was a young woman unsure about her vision for the future, just like the young women she helps through "Mission I'm Possible!"

Mission I'm Possible is the brainchild of Ana and her collaborator Dominica, the founder of, to help coach teen girls on how to be successful in college and/or the workplace. Three years ago, they set out to develop a completely free event where women ages 15-25 can receive career advice like tips about resumes and appropriate work dress, interviewing strategies, the importance of building vision boards and setting S.M.A.R.T. goals, and guidance to achieve wellness and fitness.

For an entire day, Ana and Dominica host interactive workshops, games, and seminars for attendees—completely free of charge! They work with Los Angeles County businesses to fundraise and gather donations for the event; the space, lunch, goodie bags for attendees, and workshop supplies are all given to attendees at no cost. Some of Ana's very own coworkers at Ultimate Staffing Services (a business line of Roth Staffing Companies) donate their time to share tips and tricks gathered from the recruiting and staffing industry. Other professionals including a financial advisor, relationship coach, and certified fitness expert also share insights.

The attendee list has steadily grown throughout the past few years—the most recent one hosted more than 75 women. The events have been so successful that people have reached out to Ana about hosting events throughout Southern California and even one at a prestigious museum in L.A.!

>But the greatest reward and sign of success, according to Ana, is feedback from young women affected by the program. After the most recent event, one girl said gratefully, "Since my parents' divorce, I've been in a slump. I can't thank you enough for pulling me out of it, and inspiring and helping me to set life goals!" A few others gushed, "Thank you for everything. This was life-changing!" and "I am walking out of this room a different person!"

These teens are just a handful of the many girls that Ana's heroic selflessness has helped, and will continue to inspire. Roth Staffing is proud to honor her as our Roth Hero and award $500 to Mission I'm Possible!