Congratulations to Cece Sisneros!

When Cece Sisneros was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29, she didn't know that she would help others struggling with cancer and spread awareness about the disease in true Roth Hero fashion – but that's exactly what she's done just a few short years later!

Cece, a Team Lead based out of the Oxnard, CA Ultimate Staffing branch office, beat breast cancer while being a superhero single mom to two young daughters. Cece then dedicated herself to mentoring those around her; she signed up to be a buddy for a cancer support group, participates in the annual Revlon Run/Walk for Women (a fundraising and awareness event), and helped arrange her oncologist to speak at Wellness Webinars focused on awareness regarding prevention and the symptoms of cancer.

Just this month, five years since her own diagnosis, Cece learned that her 30-year-old fellow Roth Staffing coworker was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Cece has been by her side every step of the way, giving advice and guidance, tagging along to hospital visits, arranging fundraisers for impending medical bills and providing much-needed moral support.

She charged head first into her own battle with cancer and has since used her experience to be a superhero to individuals experiencing similar life challenges. She is our Roth Hero. Thank you, Cece Sisneros.