Congratulations to Debbra Idle!

Debbra Idle's last name may suggest a leisurely lifestyle, but in reality, nothing could be further from the truth! A client with the Ledgent Technology San Diego, CA branch (a business line of Roth Staffing Companies), Debbra is an indefatigable supporter of foster children and the compassionate matriarch of her work tribe and home clan.

She works around the clock nurturing coworkers and championing the company culture. This past holiday season, Debbra established a partnership between her organization and the Polinsky Children's Center, a local charity that helps foster children. A former foster child herself, Debbra campaigned for the cause. Collectively, her office raised more than $2,500 toward the Polinsky Center's drive for troubled teenagers… but Debbra didn't stop there!

She shopped for decorations to 'deck the halls' of the Center, purchased a stocking and craft supplies for each child, and coordinated volunteers to sort and package donations for foster kids.

In between those responsibilities, Debbra also cooked her annual Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts for all of her coworkers, many of whom are younger professionals without nearby family.

When she's not attending to her work family, Debbra mothers her 23-year-old son, a 15-year-old daughter adopted from foster care after the young girl was bounced through 8 foster homes, and a 12-year-old adopted daughter with special needs.After realizing that the biological sister of her 15-year-old daughter was homeless, Debbra took her in and helped put her through cosmetology school.

Debbra also helped her 23-year-old niece and the woman's 6-year-old daughter get on their feet, in a new home, and on a path toward success while also welcoming her paraplegic brother-in-law into her home, helping to care for him after a stroke left him unable to live independently. If you haven't been keeping count, that's a household of nine! Whether at home or work, Debbra is a whirlwind of activity, compassion, and heroic selflessness. She is our Roth Hero!