Congratulations to Javis Austin!

You may not find another individual more passionate about mentoring and guiding young people than our Roth Hero of the Week, Javis Austin. He trains high school counselors to recognize the signs of depression in young people, he volunteers for a suicide prevention hotline, he mentors at-risk youth and helps train young athletes.

You see, Javis knows firsthand what it feels like to experience hardships as a teenager and is able to personally connect and empathize with troubled young people. His attempt to take his own life during college left him almost blind, but gave him the ability to see life in a new and special way. His compassion and enthusiasm has impacted hundreds of young lives including gifted athletes; he hosts several boot camp training programs to help others realize the benefits of physical fitness and mental wellness.

Javis is also profoundly touched by the work he gets to do with children who have special needs. His bond with one child who has Down Syndrome grew so strong that Javis completed the steps required to become his foster parent and invite him into his family.

As a company where many of our coworkers view each other as extended family, Roth Staffing Companies is honored to have Javis as an Ambassador and a representative of our organization. He works for one of our largest clients in the Houston, Texas area. He not only makes life better for others, but also saves lives and inspires everyone he encounters. He is a hero in every sense of the word!