Congratulations to Jayme Weekly!

Jayme isn’t just a volunteer, she builds up armies of them! When she isn’t killing it as Branch Manager at our Boca Raton Ultimate branch, Jayme Weekly has served as an active member, Chair of Member Engagement, and Chair of Volunteer Activities for the Junior League of Boca Raton – an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities.

She has been able to work with and provide support to several non-profits focused on hunger and child welfare issues in the South Palm Beach County area. This past Thanksgiving, Jayme and her daughter, Olivia, volunteered with Love Boca Outreach, a non-profit that supports the homeless population in Boca Raton. In true holiday spirit, they served, ate with, and enjoyed the company of many of the area’s most needy.

Through the Junior League, Jayme was introduced to Place of Hope, a children’s organization that provides family-style foster care, family outreach and intervention, maternity care, safety for victims of sex trafficking, and foster care recruitment/support. Jayme quickly felt a connection to the cause and became an Angel Mom. The Angel Moms are a group of women who are committed to spreading awareness about foster care, continuing care for those who have aged out of foster care, and the ongoing need for foster care and adoption in the area. These women serve through hands-on involvement, mentorship, financial contributions and fundraising events throughout the year.

Last year, she sat on the Angel Mom Leadership Board and chaired the Direct Care committee for the Rinker Cottage that currently houses 6 siblings in foster care. Jayme’s first accomplishment as Angel Mom for this cottage was hosting a pantry drive, reaching out to both the Junior League and her client contacts to help stock the pantry.

She was able to completely stock the pantry with everything from paper products to non-perishable foods. Jayme was even able to secure an ongoing grant from a client that specializes as a wholesale grocer and has a nonprofit foundation. The Levitetz Family Foundation provided $500/month for the last quarter of 2016 and Jayme is working with them to secure funding for the upcoming 2017 school year.

On top of all that, Jayme and Olivia hosted the 6 children and their cottage parents for Christmas dinner at their home this past year. Jayme has also taken the older 3 girls out for a girls’ afternoon at the nail salon, hosted the youngest girl over for play dates at her home with Olivia, has hosted movie and popcorn nights, and is planning a special back to school party for the start of school.

Jayme is truly an inspiration and a Roth Hero.

We know her $500 Roth Hero donation will be put to MANY great uses in the Boca Raton community!