Congratulations to Joseph Le!

Joseph Le is rooted in light. He lights up a room the same way he illuminates the lives of Orange County's homeless and the path of opportunity for first generation refugees. Joseph dedicates his passion and time to the Illumination Foundation and the South East Asian Coalition.

More than everyone's favorite ambassador, Joseph leaves a lasting impact both professionally and personally. He is known for bringing enthusiasm and humor to his work and charitable environments. Joseph was first introduced to the Illumination Foundation, an Orange County based organization that aims to break the cycle of homelessness by providing support, housing, and medical assistance to those in need, through his assignment at PIMCO. With PIMCO, Joseph assisted in renovating a full size service center, equipped with tutoring for homeless youth.

Joseph was inspired, and since then has been a part of every special event that the organization has put on. He has volunteered with haircut and grooming events, building playgrounds, and has brought fun and laughter to homeless children as a Christmas elf. He ran the Orange County marathon on behalf of the organization, raising over $1000 and running his best time ever.

Of these experiences, Joseph fondly remembers one event in particular. Last Thanksgiving, he had the pleasure and honor of helping a family move out of a motel and into a fully furnished apartment.

To Joseph, "it's not work really…You get so much more than you give. Working with the families is just enough."

Joseph was recently honored at the 2015 Orange County Spirit of Volunteerism Awards for his work with the Illumination Foundation.

Joseph's altruism is not contained to Orange County. He also supports the South East Asian Coalition, an organization that provides various outreach services, on issues ranging from housing to immigration, to underserved communities in North Carolina.

"Being an immigrant to the U.S., and having refugee parents from Southeast Asia," says Joseph, "I have always understood the plight of those who flee their homeland, and share a compassion for those who struggle to assimilate in a new and foreign country." Joseph says that he recognizes America as the Land of Opportunity, but wants to make that opportunity truly accessible for all. North Carolina contains a fast growing enclave of first generation refugees from Southeast Asia, and Joseph makes donations to support the organization from thousands of miles away.

Roth will be making a donation on behalf of Joseph to the South East Asian Coalition.