Congratulations to Molly McCormick!

Part humanitarian, part super human, Molly McCormick embodies altruism as our Everyday Roth Hero. When she's not (literally) saving a life, ensuring education for America's future scientists, nobly honoring the memory of a dear friend, or empowering young girls, Molly is a Business Solutions Specialist at Ultimate Staffing in Century City, CA.

Molly had been working in the staffing industry previously, but was unhappy. She was ready to give up on staffing entirely, until she interviewed with Amy Juneau at Century City Ultimate. Amy convinced her to give Ultimate a shot, and Molly says she's never been happier. She says she hasn't hit the snooze button once since she started with her “new family.”

Molly's coworkers lined up for the opportunity to rave about her (so much so that we can't fit all the praise in this article). They admire how she completely embodies the MVV, and champions the 4 Circles of Excellence. “She is an inspiration to work with and makes those around her better; just by being Molly,” says Practice Manager Amy Juneau.

Molly's selfless loyalty as a friend is legendary. Another Ultimate coworker says she previously worked with Molly at another company and witnessed first-hand Molly's incredible dedication in a time of ultimate need. Growing up as family friends, Molly had built strong bonds with the Warfield family. Her family took in Justin Warfield when he moved to the West Coast while his brother Zack Warfield worked on engineering projects for the CIA and NASA. When Zack unexpectedly passed away, Molly was a pillar of strength for the family. And when Justin and his family decided to create the Zack 5k, Molly was among the first to volunteer.

The Zack 5k is an event that occurs internationally in honor of Zack's life. The 5k raises money for annual scholarships for two young students: one for a student who attends Zack's former high school in Maryland and plans to major in the sciences, and another for a high school student in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. The Warfields are facing another struggle: Justin was recently diagnosed with cancer. Molly stepped in to assume some of Justin's responsibilities, managing their Twitter account and arranging the Manhattan Beach, CA event. This year's Zack 5k was a success on six continents.

Described as an "altruistic all-star," Molly's dedication to the service of others is not reserved for organized events. Molly also takes time twice a month to mentor students at Notre Dame Academy for girls. As a professional in the staffing industry, young girls from the school often seek her advice on how to enter the workforce. She's served as a mentor and tutor for years and now has former students coming back from college. She recently had the privilege of helping one of her college students, Lindsey, find a position for the summer as an Ultimate Ambassador! Lindsey says, "Molly has always been someone I have looked up to because of the love she has for those around her and her outgoing personality…I'm so glad to have her as part of my journey!"

Molly's passion for helping others does not fade in sudden crisis. Recently, Molly assisted with a dangerous police rescue. Due to an open investigation, the details of the rescue can't be discussed, but Molly saved a life and the LAPD are impressed. The police department will award Molly the Medal of Honor, specifically emphasizing Molly's bravery. The LAPD says Molly stepped into a situation where only 20% of civilians will stop to intervene and help.

Molly really does embody our Purpose: "To make life better for the people we serve," beyond the walls of the office. Molly is making life better for strangers, her friends, her loved ones, and our organization. We thank you Molly, for popping out of bed every morning.

In recognition of Molly's "Roth Hero" award, a $500 donation is being made to the Zack 5k scholarship fund in her honor.