Congratulations Anthony Tirado!

When Anthony "Tony" Tirado looks back on his life, he separates it into two segments: pre–education and post–education. You see, earning a bachelor's degree against all odds eventually made him eligible for a career… not just a "to–get–by" job. He partnered up with Ultimate Staffing to get connected with a prestigious company in Dallas, TX, where he shines in his dream job, something he couldn't have imagined accomplishing 15 years ago. Today, Tony is finally in a position to give back to the place that led him to success—City College of New York's Center for Worker Education (CWE).

CWE provides accelerated evening and weekend classes to students looking to earn their bachelor's degrees while balancing full–time work and/or familial responsibilities. Tony established a scholarship fund at CWE known as the Anthony Tirado "Mi Gente" Scholarship, which awards $500 per semester to a deserving New York student of Puerto Rican descent attending CWE (a student going through the same challenging journey he did). The funds can go toward tuition, supplies, transportation costs, or daycare–whatever the recipients need most.

Tony knows better than most that a little bit of help like this can be the difference between completing school and remaining stuck living hand to mouth. He was struggling to live in New York, barely getting by as he earned his degree from CWE while working full–time. Tony's education enabled him to move out of the Bronx and onto a better life. Now, he wants to ensure that his alma mater can continue to offer a quality education to disadvantaged students fighting to better themselves in the face of daunting obstacles.

Tony has promised to support the Mi Gente Scholarship until the end of his lifetime, and hopefully beyond. His selfless actions are a true example of Roth Staffing's Purpose "To make life better for the people we serve."® Roth Staffing is proud to recognize Tony, our Roth Hero, with a $500 cash prize!

Donors interested in contributing (tax-deductible) to the Anthony Tirado "Mi Gente" Scholarship can access the Donor Information letter here (PDF).