Engagement Scores for Customers and Temporary Employees Significantly Increase

Roth Staffing Companies recently implemented the Ambassador Program™ – an innovative process designed to engage the hearts and minds of Ambassadors and enabling them to own the outcome of their work assignment. The temporary employee is introduced to the company’s Purpose and Promise and fully prepared to represent Roth Staffing (thus, becoming an Ambassador of the company). Ambassadors are instructed to engage each hiring manager in a short series of questions at the beginning of every assignment. The process not only better engages the Ambassador, but the quality of work also improves. The Ambassador has clarity of focus and is better positioned for success which provides a clear path to create remarkable experiences and unique service to each and every hiring manager.

Only nine months later, the Ambassador Program has been statistically proven to impact customer satisfaction and engagement. Customer Engagement scores increased significantly among business customers with a Roth Staffing temporary employee who has gone through the new Ambassador Program.

“On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest, these customers went from an average Overall Engagement score of 3.82 to an average score of 4.24,” said Lori Eade, Manager of Customer Experience, “and our temporary employees who went through the Ambassador Program went from an average Engagement score of 2.88 to a score of 4.02.”

“We know that the only way to deliver on our Company’s Purpose and Promise is to fully engage the hearts and minds of our temporary employees,” said Ben Roth, Founder and CEO. “This data tells us we have found the solution to the biggest challenge in staffing – finding a way to help a temporary employee move from just filling a position to being passionate about delivering a remarkable experience for our customer.”

Roth Staffing Companies is recognized as a creative industry leader and has been credited with several innovative processes and technologies that have changed the staffing industry.
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