Roth Staffing Companies Honors Single Mom Caring for Children Across the World with Grand Prize Roth Hero Accolade

Roth Staffing Companies recognized Carolyn Andrews, the branch manager of Ultimate Staffing Services in Houston, TX, as the Grand Prize finalist in the Roth Hero of the Week program.  For the past 20 weeks leading up to Roth Staffing’s 20th Anniversary on August 15th, the company recognized nominated customers, Ambassadors (the temporary workers who represent Roth Staffing), and coworkers as Roth Heroes for doing good things in their communities.

VIDEO: Carolyn Andrews is a superwoman single mom to a gaggle of kids

An independent panel of judges reviewed all Roth Hero winners and awarded three grand prizes.  Beverly Levy, a Roth Staffing customer, received $2,000 and coworker Javis Austin was presented with $3,000 for second place honors.  Carolyn received $1,000 for her initial Roth Hero of the Week designation and $5,000 for earning the grand prize.

Carolyn was selected as a Roth Hero for her dedication to caring for several family members and strangers.  She has not only raised her son singlehandedly, but also “adopted” two impoverished children and committed to financially support them for several years.  Through Compassion International, a non-profit organization focused on combatting poverty on behalf of children living in destitute areas throughout the world, Carolyn provided assistance and personal guidance to Pablo and Suteera for the past seven years.

Pablo, now 18, is headed to university—an opportunity that not many in his town in Honduras receive.  Suteera is a thriving 13-year-old from Thailand whom Carolyn has pledged to support until Suteera’s graduation from the Compassion International program at age 18.

In addition to her “kids” overseas, her son Collin, and one of  Collin’s friends (who Carolyn opened her home to when he had no place to go), Carolyn has also helped to raise her niece and nephews after their mother—Carolyn’s sister—passed away from cancer several years ago.  She stayed by her sister’s side throughout her battle, providing support even while being diagnosed with cancer herself shortly before her sister’s death.  However, Carolyn aggressively fought the disease and is now celebrating five years as a survivor.  She’s shared her sister’s story with Roth Staffing Companies’ coworkers, customers, and Ambassadors during Pink October to spread awareness about the importance of medical checkups and vigilance.

“One thing that people do not know about Carolyn is that she never shows any weakness,” says Senior Vice President Kristi Kennedy.  “When she arrives at work—she works!  And she loves her job—she’s great at her job.  No one would know that she is struggling with any of the issues that a single mom has to juggle, or that she fought a deadly disease and won, is helping to raise her late sister’s children, and opens her home to any person who needs a fresh start.  She is someone we all feel honored to know.”

“Carolyn isn’t just a hero; she’s a superhero,” says Adam Roth, President & COO of Roth Staffing Companies.  “Carolyn’s involvement with Compassion International is a truly noble act, but she has no idea that her own personal struggle and the legacy of her sister that she keeps alive on a daily basis are two of the things that touch people around her the most.  She is an inspiration and everyone at Roth Staffing Companies is thrilled to honor her.”


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