Earth Day Hero Finalists Announced

Roth Staffing Companies is proud to announce finalists in the “Earth Day Hero” contest. One winner will receive a $500 donation to contribute to their favorite cause or charity. These nominees were posted on Facebook by customers, Ambassadors and coworkers of Roth Staffing Companies:

1. The “Green Team” at Kleingers & Associates

The “Green Team” was formed just within the last year consisting of Amanda Roehl, Jason Ellis, Adam Clouse and Craig Honkomp. They worked with the VP of Operations to accomplish the following:

  • Installed new low-flush toilets
  • Replaced Styrofoam cups with ‘green’ paper cups
  • Installed a new dishwasher so that employees could bring in their own cups to reduce the use of the, now ‘green,’ paper cups
  • Purchased a complete set of dishes to reduce the use of paper plates
  • Set up volunteers to start and unload the dishwasher daily
  • Set default printing to 2-sided and black-and-white
  • Employees recycle paper using bins located throughout the building

Their voluntary efforts remind all they work with that we “have one habitable planet with finite resources, geologically speaking, and have learned how to chew through, burn, and bury at an astonishing pace”.

Nominated by Nancy, a coworker.

2. Mrs. Dillon – Teacher at Junipero Serra Elementary School

Mrs. Stephanie Dillon is a second grade teacher at Junipero Serra Elementary. She started a school-wide recycling program this year. She handles all of the details for the entire program.

All students are encouraged to bring their recyclables in exchange for tickets. The tickets can be used to redeem prizes. Mrs. Dillon arrives early and stays late to manage the “recycling store.” She arranges and processes the incentives.

In addition to the schoolwide program, she also has the students in her own class collecting other recycling items such as wrappers from power bars and granola bars. They have gained a much better understanding of what their use of environmental resources means to our world. She sends them home with suggestions for reusing items, as well as making conscious choices in front of the students to use items in the classroom that are more renewable.

Her nominee says, “She is an incredible teacher and a great example for our children of what kind of impact one person can make on the environment, the world and the people around them. She is truly an Earth Day hero.”

Nominated by Lisa Hearst, parent.

3. Jane Goodall

Mrs. Stephanie Dillon is a second grade teacher at Junipero Serra Elementary. She started a school-wide recycling program this year. She handles all of the details for the entire program.

Jane Goodall is one of the best known primatologists in the world. The way she became famous was by taking an offer she received from Louis Leakey to go to Africa to study chimpanzees and other animals. Being a young girl with no experience, she took the offer. It turned out to be the best move of her life. Her choice has influenced many young people today to go for their goals. Her life has also influenced me very much. She showed me that I can do anything I want with my life.

She gives lectures all over the world today. She speaks about what she accomplished in Africa, her major discoveries, and her life in general (her life as a child and today).

The discoveries that chimps are almost completely like us, that they are not vegetarians as we thought, and that they make and use tools are Jane’s biggest accomplishments. I cannot redo the exact discoveries that she made, but I can discover new things about the chimpanzees and maybe other monkeys. My dream right now is to find out what the chimpanzees think about. We already know that they can think because of the way they act and the relationships that they have with other chimps.

I would like to help recapture chimps from markets and take them to chimpanzee sanctuaries. In a sanctuary, a chimp will be nursed back to health, have room to roam, and have loving people who stick up for defenseless animals take care of them. This is one of the major reasons that Jane Goodall is my hero.

Nominated by Bobra Bush on behalf of her 8th grade niece (using excerpts from her essay on Jane Goodall).

4. Flexsteel

Flexsteel is a “Green” Company and supports being earth friendly. The Green Committee has introduced several ideas to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse:

  • All leftover rolls of fabric are donated to the Women’s Guild which supports Teen Challenge by making laundry bags and Christmas bags for the clients.
  • Left over fiber from pillows is donated to the local Senior Centers and schools for craft projects
  • During Earth Week every year, they host a week long electronic waste collection onsite allowing for the employees and the company to dump their used electronics responsibly.
  • During Earth Week, they have a Dirty Sock Contest. The employee who has the dirtiest white sock coming off of their car’s tail pipe wins a free oil change from EZ Lube, which promotes clean air. All other participants get 10-50% off discount cards for an oil change.
  • During Earth Week, everyone in the office dumps everything out of their desks that is still usable. The items are sorted and everyone gets to shop for free. The company recycles cardboard, metal, plastic, styrofoam, paper, ink cartridges, cell phones. Anything to reduce trash in the landfill.

Nominated by Dolores LaDonna Jempson.

Celebrating the efforts and achievements of Earth Day heroes in our communities is one way Roth Staffing seeks to fulfill its Purpose “To make life better for the people we serve.”® Roth Staffing is encouraging its business customers, Ambassadors and coworkers to vote for their favorite finalist and assist us in selecting our Earth Day Hero for 2012.

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